B'com Overhauls Network Switches. Trident 3 turns up the heat on Ethernet rivals.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Broadcom announced a new generation of its mainstream Ethernet switches, adding packet processing features and lowering costs at a time of rising competition. When the Trident 3 ships next year it will power systems with as many as 32 100 Gbit/second Ethernet ports that cost as little as $3,000 and consume less than 400W. Programmable, Varied And Volume. Takeaways:

  • Trident 3 ASICs have increased performance.
  • 5 versions of the Trident 3 ASIC target wireless, campus, and data center Ethernet networks.
  • 5-stage programmable pipeline increases the flexibility for packet operations in the device application stack.
  • Support for ISSU operations (up to software owner to implement).
  • Improved access to CPU/Memory via PCIe bus upgrades (32Gbps BiDir) & other features.
  • Switch hardware pricing for 32 x 100GBE to under $3000 per unit.

Broadcom Press Release&Product information:

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